My Summer In Pictures!

After i got home from Poland with my grandma I went to an island with my best friends Mikaela, Nathalie and Jaqueline :)
In Åstol with my best friends
Nathalie and I
Nathalie and I
Mikaela, Jaqueline and Nathalie <3
Last weekend the swedsih boys and girls from Gothenburg I met at camp during the beginning of my year had a 'reunion'! We had sooo much fun! We went to the beach, played volleyball, took a swim at 12.00 a.m, played board games and played guitar! It was a blast!
The people from gotenburg which also lived in the states for a year!!! Reunion!!!
A few days ago my best friend Andrea from College and I went out kajaiking, it was fun, we stayed over on an Island and we had a bonfire and made smoores :) 

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